Statistical Learning

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Statistical Learning (Coursera)

This course offers a deep dive into the world of statistical analysis, equipping learners with cutting-edge techniques to understand and interpret data effectively. We explore a range of methodologies, from regression and classification to advanced approaches like kernel methods and support vector machines, all designed to enhance your data [...]

Regression and Classification (Coursera)

Introduction to Statistical Learning will explore concepts in statistical modeling, such as when to use certain models, how to tune those models, and if other options will provide certain trade-offs. We will cover Regression, Classification, Trees, Resampling, Unsupervised techniques, and much [...]

Statistical Learning with Python (edX)

Learn some of the main tools used in statistical modeling and data science. We cover both traditional as well as exciting new methods, and how to use them in Python.

Foundations of Data Science (edX)

Learn the fundamental concepts in probability, statistics, optimization and linear algebra which form the foundations for data science. Data Science along with artificial intelligence (AI) and its various components such as statistical learning (SL), machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms (DL) are recognized as main drivers of organizational [...]