Statistical Data

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Fitting Statistical Models to Data with Python (Coursera)

In this course, we will expand our exploration of statistical inference techniques by focusing on the science and art of fitting statistical models to data. We will build on the concepts presented in the Statistical Inference course (Course 2) to emphasize the importance of connecting research questions to our [...]

Population Health: Responsible Data Analysis (Coursera)

In most areas of health, data is being used to make important decisions. As a health population manager, you will have the opportunity to use data to answer interesting questions. In this course, we will discuss data analysis from a responsible perspective, which will help you to extract [...]

Herramientas de la Inteligencia de Negocios (edX)

Aprende el proceso de extraer y transformar data para generar insumos y tomar decisiones. Usa software, herramientas y sistemas de apoyo. Con este curso aprenderas a tomar decisiones empresariales exitosas. Para ello, aprenderas el proceso completo desde extraer data, hasta su integracion, visualizacion, depuracion, analisis y uso. Podr as [...]

Probability Theory, Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis (Coursera)

Exploration of Data Science requires certain background in probability and statistics. This course introduces you to the necessary sections of probability theory and statistics, guiding you from the very basics all way up to the level required for jump starting your ascent in Data Science.

Analyse de données quantitatives en sciences humaines et sociales (ADSHS) (FUN)

Pas besoin d’être matheux pour être confronté, au quotidien, à une profusion de chiffres et de données statistiques. Dans les médias, sur les réseaux sociaux ou même dans les conversations ordinaires, il est courant d’argumenter, chiffres à l’appui. Pourtant, sommes-nous sûrs de savoir d’où viennent et comment ont été [...]