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Excel aplicado a los negocios (Nivel Avanzado) (Coursera)

Objetivos Generales: Al finalizar el curso, podrás: 1.- ENTENDER y profundizar convenientemente aspectos específicos de diferentes formas de trabajo (individual o grupal), 2.- EVALUAR el uso de funciones avanzadas para manipular datos y CREAR tus propios análisis utilizando técnicas específicas tales como tablas dinámicas, análisis de hipótesis, [...]

Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced (Coursera)

Mar 13th 2023
Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced (Coursera)
Course Auditing
A leader in a data driven world requires the knowledge of both data-related (statistical) methods and of appropriate models to use that data. This Business Analytics class focuses on the latter: it introduces students to analytical frameworks used for decision making though Excel modeling. These include Linear and Integer [...]

Crashing a Project using Microsoft Excel (Coursera)

Project Scheduling is an essential aspect of Project Management. In most case, after the Project Schedule has been prepared or during the Project execution, the Project Schedule needs to be crashed. Crashing a Project means to reduce the total duration of the Project. Crashing a Project involves a cost [...]