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Villes africaines : Restructuration des quartiers précaires (Coursera)

L’objet de ce cours est l’étude de la restructuration des quartiers précaires des villes africaines. Il s’agit, en partant de la compréhension de leur formation, de leur organisation et de leur fonctionnement, d’examiner les modes d’intervention qui visent leur revalorisation et intégration dans les structures formelles des villes qui [...]

African cities : An Introduction to Urban Planning (Coursera)

This course teached the basics of urban planning in Africa through technical, environmental, social and economical dimensions. It focuses on African cities only. Although, they exemplify well cities in the Global South, and potentially all cities, we will make the African context highly topical.

Corporate Financial Decision-Making for Value Creation (Coursera)

In this course, participants will learn about the key financial decisions modern corporations face, as well as the alternative methods that can be employed to optimize the value of the firm’s assets. This is part of a Specialization in corporate finance created in partnership between the University of Melbourne [...]