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Building Data Visualization Tools (Coursera)

The data science revolution has produced reams of new data from a wide variety of new sources. These new datasets are being used to answer new questions in way never before conceived. Visualization remains one of the most powerful ways draw conclusions from data, but the influx of new [...]

Building R Packages (Coursera)

Writing good code for data science is only part of the job. In order to maximizing the usefulness and reusability of data science software, code must be organized and distributed in a manner that adheres to community-based standards and provides a good user experience. This course covers the primary [...]

Programming for Everyone : Building a Fun Web App (Coursera)

In this second Guided Project in the "Programming for Everyone" series, we will build a fun and useful Web App using the R Programming Language and the Shiny and Leaflet Packages. You will also deploy your Web App, so that it is accessible from the internet. In case you [...]