Qualitative Research Design and Methods for Public Health Specialization

This specialization will enable public health professionals and researchers to design effective qualitative studies addressing a range of public health issues, select and implement appropriate qualitative methods to meet their study's objectives, and generate and analyze qualitative data.
Design a qualitative research project to respond to specific public health problems or questions.
Design strategies and instruments for qualitative data collection that are linked to study objectives and appropriate for the population of interest.
Define objectives for an analysis project using specific analytic tools and processes with MAXQDA software.
Evaluate qualitative research reports in public health or social and behavioral sciences.

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Qualitative Data Analysis with MAXQDA Software (Coursera)

This course will introduce you to MAXQDA software for easier data analysis during the qualitative research process. You'll explore how to do memos, variables, segmentation, coding, and data reduction techniques all in this course!

Qualitative Data Collection Methods (Coursera)

This course presents a detailed overview of qualitative methods of data collection, including observation, interviews, and focus group discussions. We will start with an in-depth overview of each method, explore how to plan for data collection, including developing data collection guides, and discuss techniques for managing data [...]

Qualitative Research Design (Coursera)

This course introduces qualitative research, compares and contrasts qualitative and quantitative research approaches, and provides an overview of qualitative methods for data collection. It outlines a step-by-step approach to qualitative research design that begins by identifying a public health topic of interest, works to hone in on a specific [...]