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Configuration Management and the Cloud (Coursera)

In this course, you’ll learn how to apply automation to manage fleets of computers. You’ll understand how to automate the process for deploying new computers, keeping those machines updated, managing large-scale changes, and a lot more. We'll discuss managing both physical machines running in our offices and virtual machines [...]

Fundamentos y Herramientas de DevOps (edX)

Sé un elemento crucial para la empresa conociendo los pilares de DevOps para asegurar la integración y entrega continua de software. Aprende a usar diferentes comandos de Linux/Unix que son esenciales para que puedas eficazmente administrar aplicaciones desde la línea de comandos. Así como las bases de la gestión [...]

DevOps: Foundations and tools (edX)

Learn essential Linux & Unix to efficiently manage applications from the command line. Meet the basics of source code management with Git and Github. Also, go over the pillars of DevOps like Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, the paradigm shift in systems management with Infrastructure as Code and the creation of [...]