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E.g., 2017-08-16
E.g., 2017-08-16
E.g., 2017-08-16
Jul 31st 2017

This is a course aimed at making you a better designer. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance.

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Aug 30th 2016

Learn how to identify what your consumers want in a product and the best distribution and sales channels to engage with your chosen markets.

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May 6th 2014

Dieser Kurs vermittelt die Grundzüge des Marketing und gibt einen Überblick hinsichtlich der entsprechenden Konzepte, Strategien und Werkzeuge. Im Zentrum des Kurses stehen vier Themenbereiche: Produkt-, Kommunikations-, Preis- und Distributionspolitik.

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Feb 3rd 2014

This course focuses on strategies and techniques for development of sustainable products and manufacturing processes. Using case studies, we will examine strategic decisions and best practices in new product and process development when environmental and resource externalities are accounted for.

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