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Lead Discovery & Optimization for Efficacy, PK, & Safety (edX)

Understanding the efficacy, potency, pharmacokinetics, and safety of compounds is important, but compounds almost always require improvement in their properties in order to become drugs. The process of improvement is called lead optimization and requires a thorough understanding of how a molecule’s structure affects its function, whether efficacy, PK, [...]

Introduction to Pharmacokinetics: From ADME to PK/PD (edX)

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Introduction to Pharmacokinetics: From ADME to PK/PD (edX)
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A critical aspect of a drug involves how a drug is dosed and circulates throughout the body of a patient. These qualities are aspects of a drug’s pharmacokinetics or PK. Pharmacokinetics encompasses how a drug is absorbed and flows through a patient until it is ultimately eliminated. While pharmacokinetics [...]

Literature Case Studies in Drug Discovery (edX)

Once a person understands the ideas of drug efficacy, potency, pharmacokinetics, and safety, original research articles can be readily understood. The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry of the American Chemical Society regularly publishes a series of articles called Drug Annotations. These articles summaries a drug discovery program from a pharmaceutical [...]