Nuclear Reactors

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In core nuclear fuel management (Coursera)

Upon completion of this MOOC, students will gain comprehensive knowledge in nuclear fuel management and reactor core design. They will learn to list and understand the basic parameters involved in in-core fuel management, including the estimation of fuel batch reload fraction and enrichment for equilibrium cycles using the linear [...]

Understanding Nuclear Energy (edX)

Learn the science and technology behind nuclear energy and the special features of this energy source. In this nuclear energy course, we will tackle provocative questions such as: Is nuclear energy a good substitute for fossil fuels to reduce our CO2 emission or not?; Can nuclear reactors operate safely [...]

Nuclear Energy: Science, Systems and Society (edX)

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Nuclear Energy: Science, Systems and Society (edX)
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Learn how a nuclear reactor works, what the future of nuclear fusion looks like, and the numerous useful applications of nuclear radiation in four easy-to-follow modules, complemented with a chance to explore background radiation in your backyard.

Nuclear Reactor Physics Basics (Coursera)

This engineering course is designed to introduce students to a range of concepts, ideas and models used in nuclear reactor physics. This course will focus on the physical theory of reactors and methods of experimental studies of the neutron field.

International Nuclear Law: Advanced Concepts (Coursera)

Regulations of operating a nuclear facility. Licensing process and requirements. Transport and physical protection of nuclear and radioactive material. The first part of the course concentrates on the requirements of operating a nuclear facility – initial licensing process and subsequent continuous regulatory control. Next, we will take a [...]