Newborn Health

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Childbirth: A Global Perspective (Coursera)

This course will review challenges for maternal and newborn health in the developing world, where a great many women and babies are suffering from complications during pregnancy, childbirth, and the days following birth. Themes covered include the epidemiology of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity, relevant issues for the [...]
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Public Health in Humanitarian Crises 2 (Coursera)

This course, Public Health in Humanitarian Crises 2, addresses public health issues of people affected by disasters, both natural or conflict-related. It discusses the many changes that occur in people’s lives when they are uprooted by a disaster, including many important topics related to humanitarian crises, such as [...]
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Assessment of the Newborn (FutureLearn)

Feb 17th 2020
Assessment of the Newborn (FutureLearn)
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Understand the importance of the newborn physical assessment and learn how to conduct one. Learn how to perform a newborn physical assessment. The physical examination of a baby in the first hours of life is an essential part of newborn care and an important event for parents. On the [...]
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