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Nature-based Urban Regeneration (edX)

Oct 3rd 2022
Nature-based Urban Regeneration (edX)
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How can we use nature to improve life in our cities? This course shares knowledge generated in urban Living Labs in Europe and China and will introduce you to co-designing, co-implementing and evaluating nature-based solutions for urban renewal with local communities.

Nature Based Metropolitan Solutions (edX)

Discover the potential benefits of nature-based solutions (NBS) in metropolitan areas and develop strategies for their implementation. How can ecosystems contribute to quality of life and a more livable, healthier and more resilient urban environment? This course establishes the priorities and highlights the direct values of including principles based [...]

Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience (edX)

What are ‘Nature-based solutions’, or NbS? How can they help build resilience to disasters and climate change impacts? Why is NbS relevant? How can I apply NbS in my work and everyday life? Nature offers many solutions for reducing the impacts from disasters and climate impacts. This may include [...]