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Leading Oneself with Purpose and Meaning (Coursera)

Before we can lead others well, we must first learn to lead ourselves well. Knowing your why is an important part of this journey. In this course, you will identify your core purpose and recognize meaning in your life, explore the power of spirituality and embracing our mortality, create [...]

Measuring and Modeling Impact in Evaluations (Coursera)

Jun 3rd 2024
Measuring and Modeling Impact in Evaluations (Coursera)
Course Auditing
We want to provide you some information about our course “Measuring and Modeling Impact in evaluations”. The purpose of this course is to give you a better understanding of different measures of impact that could be used in the evaluation of a program in the areas of maternal and [...]

Death 101: Shaping the Future of Global Health (edX)

To help the living, study the dead: we will analyze the world’s biggest health problems by investigating causes of death. This global health and life sciences course enables learners to investigate health problems affecting large populations – the whole world in fact!