Mobile Communications

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IT Infrastructure and Emerging Trends (Coursera)

Today organizations are either embracing digital technologies to improve their businesses or being disrupted by entrants with such capabilities. Therefore it is important for managers and executives of all organizations to learn about various technologies and apply them in innovative ways. Some of the most important trends in Information [...]

Smart Device & Mobile Emerging Technologies (Coursera)

In this course, the start-of-the-art smartphone and smart watch technology and components in addition to the global market trends and future forecasts are introduced. Since everybody uses smartphones and smart watches, knowing the details about the most globally used electronic device will definitely help you in all aspects of [...]

Ultra-dense networks for 5G and its evolution (edX)

Learn about the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G), a revolutionary technology under deployment. What are the main technological innovations and new applications? 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications, whose deployment is currently happening throughout the world, is seen as an engine of the economy and is the [...]

Fundamentos de las comunicaciones móviles: en la palma de tu mano (edX)

Este curso en línea presenta las comunicaciones móviles de forma accesible a cualquier persona que tenga interés por conocer en detalle sus fundamentos. Las comunicaciones móviles son un motor de la economía y lideran el crecimiento de las telecomunicaciones a nivel mundial. Su evolución ha sido vertiginosa hasta el [...]