Middle School

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Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore (edX)

This course introduces teachers and other educators to the basics of teaching programming with Scratch to students in grades 5-8 using Scratch Encore, a culturally responsive, intermediate computer science curriculum. Each week, participants are introduced to key computer science concepts (e.g., loops, synchronization), and then apply those concepts as [...]

Computational Thinking and Design (MOO-Ed)

Throughout this MOOC-Ed, you'll have the opportunity to dig into digital-age problem solving, engage with its component skills and concepts, and learn how to integrate them into your instructional practice. This course will not be heavy on coding, and you won't need to know any code going in [...]

Teaching Statistics Through Inferential Reasoning (MOOc-Ed)

Every day we have opportunities to make data-based decisions and to consider how information we gather can inform us about what can be claimed about a situation, process, or larger collection. To prepare the next generation of data active citizens, we need to engage learners of all ages in [...]