Markov Decision Processes

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Decision-Making for Autonomous Systems (edX)

Learn effective tactics for making key decisions when working with autonomous, self-driving vehicles. In autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars, we find a number of interesting and challenging decision-making problems. Starting from the autonomous driving of a single vehicle, to the coordination among multiple vehicles. This course will teach [...]

Decision Making and Reinforcement Learning (Coursera)

Mar 20th 2023
Decision Making and Reinforcement Learning (Coursera)
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This course is an introduction to sequential decision making and reinforcement learning. We start with a discussion of utility theory to learn how preferences can be represented and modeled for decision making. We first model simple decision problems as multi-armed bandit problems in and discuss several approaches to evaluate [...]

Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning (Coursera)

Reinforcement Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning, but is also a general purpose formalism for automated decision-making and AI. This course introduces you to statistical learning techniques where an agent explicitly takes actions and interacts with the world. Understanding the importance and challenges of learning agents that make [...]