Marine Systems

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Ecosystems of California (Coursera)

This course surveys the diversity, structure and functioning of California’s ecosystems through time and the ways they have influenced and responded to human activities and stewardship. Topics include ecosystem drivers such as climate, soils, and land use history; human and ecological prehistory of the state; comparative marine, freshwater, and [...]
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Climate Change in Arctic Environments (edX)

Learn about climate change in the Arctic from America’s Arctic University. This MOOC covers modern climate science and the impacts of climate change across atmospheric, marine, terrestrial and human systems.
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Become ResponSEAble! (EMMA)

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Become ResponSEAble! (EMMA)
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What are the issues affecting our oceans? How can we change behavior? What is ocean literacy, and what could be its role in promoting this change? Enrolling in the RESPONSEABLE MOOC you will be able to explore answers to these and other questions, guided by a multidisciplinary team which [...]
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