Labour Markets

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Gender and Labour in the Global South (FutureLearn)

Delve into the Global South's labour market to understand gender issues and impacts on sustainable development. Examine gender discrimination in the Global South’s labour market. Although women’s participation in the paid labour market has increased in recent decades, gender discrimination in access to decent work persists. Women, particularly in [...]

Immigration and Labour Markets in Economic History (edX)

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Immigration and Labour Markets in Economic History (edX)
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Do immigrants lower the wages of low-skilled workers? How quickly do immigrants integrate into the labour market and what policies foster integration? Explore these questions from the perspective of economic history, using empirical evidence and data analysis. This course may serve you to enhance your career options in the [...]

Macroeconomics Performance Indicators (edX)

The macroeconomy affects business conditions and broader social outcomes. Learn about key performance indicators of macroeconomics such as GDP, unemployment and inflation. This course consists of two types of materials. The first type of materials concerns with how to measure the performance of the economy as a whole. The [...]