Investment Banking

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Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation (Coursera)

This course will provide students the key building blocks required for a career in investment banking, valuation, and other corporate-finance focused fields. It is designed to provide a practical application of financial statement analysis and valuation techniques commonly performed by industry professionals. [...]

Investment Banking: M&A and Initial Public Offerings (Coursera)

This course focuses on examining various practical applications of the fundamental financial analysis and valuation techniques employed in the investment banking industry. Specifically, we will examine how to analyze how a private equity firm or other financial sponsor completes a leveraged buyout of a company, how a public [...]

Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance (edX)

Accelerate your financial fluency and fool-proof your career in Investment Banking and Finance. This course will improve your financial literacy so that you can speak with confidence when starting or advancing your career in Investment Banking and Finance.