Financial Literacy

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Management and financial accounting: Know your numbers 1 (Coursera)

Financial literacy is a fundamental capability for any business leader, whether you are running your own small business/start-up or working at a large organisation. This course will provide you with a sound foundational understanding of financial and management accounting, and how to use accounting to facilitate and align decisions [...]
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Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making (edX)

In this introduction to finance course from Michigan learn to apply frameworks and smart tools for understanding and making everyday financial decisions. Want to learn how to think clearly about important financial decisions and improve your financial literacy? Finance for Everyone will showcase the beauty and power of finance. [...]
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Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (edX)

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Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (edX)
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Financial health and literacy are key elements of personal success and satisfaction. Begin the path today! The Introduction to Personal Financial Planning course is designed for individuals to build financial literacy, one of the most pressing needs Americans face today.
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