Implementing RPA with Cognitive Automation and Analytics Specialization

The explosive growth of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the past few years has created a tremendous demand to learn and become skilled in this exciting technology. This four course Specialization is designed to introduce RPA, provide a foundation of the RPA lifecycle--from design to bot deployment--and implement RPA with cognitive automation and analytics. Experienced and novice users and developers of RPA will all benefit from completing this Specialization. If you are interested in starting a career in automation or boosting your profile in it, now’s the time and here’s the place!

With RPA, companies can deploy software robots to automate repetitive tasks, improving business processes and outcomes. When used in combination with cognitive automation and automation analytics, RPA can help transform the nature of work, adopting the model of a Digital Workforce for organizations. This allows human employees to focus on more value-added work, improve efficiency, streamline processes, and improve key performance indicators.
- Design a project plan for RPA implementation
- Develop & test bots in AAE Client and deploy & monitor them via the Web Control Room
- Deploy cognitive bots and monitor their performance via the IQ Bot portal
- Generate operational analytics on AAE Client and business analytics on Bot Insight

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