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Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection - It's Not About the Terrorists (Coursera)

Welcome to Course 1 in CS4950, Homeland Security and Cybersecruity. In this course we examine the origins of homeland security and its co0nnection with cybersecurity. Homeland security is about safeguarding the United States from domestic catastrophic destruction. Catastrophic destruction comes in two forms: natural and manmade. For most of [...]
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Introduction to customs classification (Allyn International)

Self Paced
Introduction to customs classification (Allyn International)
Free Course
A 25 minutes eLearning introducing the Harmonized System for customs classification. Learn about the Harmonized System and the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule with this Allyn International 25 minutes eLearning course.
 In this Introduction to customs classification training, we will look at some introductory information related to customs [...]
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