Hardware Description Language

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Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) (Coursera)

In this project-centered course* you will build a modern computer system, from the ground up. We’ll divide this fascinating journey into six hands-on projects that will take you from constructing elementary logic gates all the way through creating a fully functioning general purpose computer. In the process, you will [...]

Introducción al diseño de hardware con Verilog (edX)

Aprende el lenguaje de descripción de hardware Verilog, utilizado en la industria en el diseño de hardware digital y microprocesadores a la medida. En la actualidad, el hardware de soporte en sistemas digitales se suele diseñar en un solo circuito integrado FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), en parte debido [...]