Geopolitical Economic and Legal Environments Program

Explore the three major factors that influence the business environment and the challenges they pose to international business.
Examining the geopolitical, economic and legal environments
This program will provide you with a clear focus on the main factors effecting the business environment.
The geopolitical environment will develop your ability to think critically about geopolitical issues and their impact on the business environment.
The economic environment will explore the connections in the global business environment between economics and other elements such as work culture. We will examine the trends that are shaping our world.
The legal environment will examine the lack of a developed legal internet framework and explore the legal issues around companies operating on the web.

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The Global Business Environment: Evolution and Dynamics (FutureLearn)

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The Global Business Environment: Evolution and Dynamics (FutureLearn)
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Get an introduction to the changing landscape of the global economy and its implications for international commerce. Understand the impact of globalisation on international business. Recent decades have witnessed the globalisation of the business environment. This development has sponsored enormous opportunities but complicated the risks associated with business operations. [...]
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