Genetic Inheritance

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Diagnosing Rare Diseases: from the Clinic to Research and back (FutureLearn)

Discover the role of research, clinical investigation and data sharing in diagnosing rare diseases. Learn about rare diseases diagnosis, genetic testing and diagnostic research. Around 30 million people in Europe are living with a rare genetic disease (a disease that affects less than 1 in 2,000 [...]

Genetic Inheritance for the Pregnancy Pathway: A Practical Guide for Clinicians (FutureLearn)

Sep 6th 2021
Genetic Inheritance for the Pregnancy Pathway: A Practical Guide for Clinicians (FutureLearn)
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Explore genetics and genomics in maternity healthcare and apply principles to provide high quality care. Discover different types of genetic inheritance and understand genomic testing. Genomics is an ever-developing area of healthcare, and genetic tests are being mainstreamed, becoming more accessible than ever before. That’s why it’s important for [...]

Doença Falciforme - Conhecer para cuidar (TELELAB)

Este curso visa a transmitir aos participantes informações adequadas obre a Doença Falciforme, bem como estabelecer subsídios que possam contribuir com a melhoria do atendimento às pessoas com a doença. Você aprenderá a história da doença e sua dispersão pelo mundo, quais os principais sintomas que a caracterizam e [...]

Useful Genetics, Part 2: Genes and Genetic Inheritance (edX)

Learn how genes are inherited and how they affect important personal and societal issues. Genetics permeates every aspect of the 21st century, from our doctors' offices to our judicial systems. By the end of this course, you’ll be well prepared to deal with both today’s genetic issues and new [...]