Financial Inclusion

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Innovative Finance: Hacking finance to change the world (Coursera)

To address global poverty - do we really not have enough resources or do we not have the right tools to allocate our resources? The tools of finance, when applied correctly, can be an enabler of social and environmental outcomes. This course is designed to give you the ability [...]

Financial Development and Financial Inclusion (edX)

Learn how to develop an efficient, inclusive and stable financial sector that is essential for a thriving economy. This course was developed by the IMF in collaboration with the European Investment Bank. Higher rates of financial inclusion and financial market development mean more prosperous societies. But how to make [...]

Développement financier et inclusion financière (edX)

Apprendre à développer un secteur financier inclusif et stable est essentiel pour que l’économie prospère. Ce cours a été développé par le FMI en collaboration avec la Banque européenne d'investissement. Des taux plus élevés d'inclusion financière et de développement des marchés financiers indiquent des sociétés plus [...]