Financial Engineering and Risk Management Specialization

This specialization is intended for aspiring learners and professionals seeking to hone their skills in the quantitative finance area. Through a series of 5 courses, we will cover derivative pricing, asset allocation, portfolio optimization as well as other applications of financial engineering such as real options, commodity and energy derivatives and algorithmic trading. Those financial engineering topics will prepare you well for resolving related problems, both in the academic and industrial worlds.
1. Valuing options, swaps, forwards, futures, and other complex financial derivatives using stochastic models
2. Develop a systematic, data-driven approach to formulating modeled returns and risks for significant asset classes and optimal portfolios
3. Back test and implement trading models and signals in an active, live trading environment

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Advanced Topics in Derivative Pricing (Coursera)

This course discusses topics in derivative pricing. The first module is designed to understand the Black-Scholes model and utilize it to derive Greeks, which measures the sensitivity of option value to variables such as underlying asset price, volatility, and time to maturity. Greeks are important in risk management and [...]

Computational Methods in Pricing and Model Calibration (Coursera)

This course focuses on computational methods in option and interest rate, product’s pricing and model calibration. The first module will introduce different types of options in the market, followed by an in-depth discussion into numerical techniques helpful in pricing them, e.g. Fourier Transform (FT) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) [...]

Optimization Methods in Asset Management (Coursera)

This course focuses on applications of optimization methods in portfolio construction and risk management. The first module discusses portfolio construction via Mean-Variance Analysis and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in an arbitrage-free setting. Next, it demonstrates the application of the security market line and sharpe optimal portfolio in the [...]

Introduction to Financial Engineering and Risk Management (Coursera)

Introduction to Financial Engineering and Risk Management course belongs to the Financial Engineering and Risk Management Specialization and it provides a fundamental introduction to fixed income securities, derivatives and the respective pricing models. The first module gives an overview of the prerequisite concepts and rules in probability and optimization. [...]

Term-Structure and Credit Derivatives (Coursera)

This course will focus on capturing the evolution of interest rates and providing deep insight into credit derivatives. In the first module we discuss the term structure lattice models and cash account, and then analyze fixed income derivatives, such as Options, Futures, Caplets and Floorlets, Swaps and Swaptions. In [...]