Financial Analysis - Skills for Success Specialization

In an era of thriving businesses, both small and large, it is crucial to possess a wholistic understanding of the financial building blocks of a successful organization. Through this 3-course Specialization in Financial Analysis, you will gain a well-rounded knowledge of key financial concepts that will help you apply an analytic mindset to understanding and driving organizational decisions and success.
The courses in this Specialization focus on financial topics and organizational principles. Topics covered include:
Understanding the importance of gaining a financial perspectiv​e
Identifying and applying fundamental principles of Accounting and Financ​e
Identifying a firm’s financial statements and understanding how they reflect company position and performanc​e
Understanding the basics of financial statement analysis
Using financial information to facilitate strategic and operational decisio​n-making
Planning and budgeting to effectively and efficiently allocate resources
This specialization is designed to build on the foundational skills developed in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate; earn a dual credential when you complete a Google Career Certificate and this specialization.

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Introduction to Financial Analysis - The "Why?" (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the foundations important to developing and implementing a financially analytic mindset. This course introduces the foundations of financial analysis, beginning with the first question: what is financial analysis?

Financial Analysis of Organizations (Coursera)

This course focuses on adopting and implementing a financially analytic mindset when analyzing organizational activities, position and performance. This course begins with an overview of an organization’s financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, as well as the transactions that comprise these statements. [...]

Financial Analysis of Scenarios and Decisions (Coursera)

This course focuses on adopting and implementing a financially analytic mindset when engaged in organizational decision-making and scenario analysis. The course begins with an overview of the "internal" perspective of the organization, in which you will learn fundamental concepts, including the importance of how cost information is organized for [...]