Economics and Policies for a Circular Bio-Economy MicroMasters

What you will learn
- Take a systems approach and consider different actors, feedback cycles and pressures in a dynamic value chain
- Understand the economic issues and policies affecting the circular bioeconomy at the firm, on a national and international level
- Assess the costs, benefits and market impacts of new biobased technologies
- Evaluate the adoption and environmental benefits of biobased policies

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Economics and Policies in a Biobased Economy (edX)

Lead your company to make the switch to biobased resources and build a profitable sustainable business. Learn how to deal with the economics and policies governing this transition and the implementation and learn how to measure the outcome.

From Fossil Resources to Biomass: A Chemistry Perspective (edX)

Explore how to create a sustainable future by moving away from dependence on fossil resources to biomass resources for the production of food, chemicals and energy-carriers. Discover how to use microorganisms and catalysts to create biobased products.

Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Approach (edX)

Join the transition towards a circular economy considering economic, supply chain, social, technical, managerial and environmental aspects. Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable society? Tackle the challenges in the transition towards a circular economy? In this course you will analyze what it takes to create a [...]