Drug Safety

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Introduction to Small Molecule Drug Discovery & Development (Coursera)

Apr 1st 2024
Introduction to Small Molecule Drug Discovery & Development (Coursera)
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What does it take to advance a new drug from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside? Historically, drugs were discovered serendipitously and were usually isolated from natural sources. Today, drug discovery efforts take many years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. They also require the input of [...]

Preclinical Safety: From In Vitro Assays to Human Dose Predictions (edX)

Drugs are approved based on their “safety and efficacy”. Determining the safety of a drug occurs through studies that are largely completely separate from efficacy studies. The safety studies fall under the umbrella of preclinical safety. While a drug’s therapeutic benefit is typically narrow and well-defined, the potential safety [...]

Innovate & Regulate: Drug Research, Costs, Clinical Trials & Approval (edX)

At some point in their life, essentially everyone needs to use medication for some type of disease treatment or cure. While medications offer great benefits, the cost of drugs, especially new drugs, and the lack of treatment for some diseases can raise questions about business activity behind the creation [...]

Literature Case Studies in Drug Discovery (edX)

Once a person understands the ideas of drug efficacy, potency, pharmacokinetics, and safety, original research articles can be readily understood. The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry of the American Chemical Society regularly publishes a series of articles called Drug Annotations. These articles summaries a drug discovery program from a pharmaceutical [...]