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Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 1 (Coursera)

This course seeks to turn learners into informed consumers of social science research. It introduces concepts, standards, and principles of social science research to the interested non-expert. Learners who complete the course will be able to assess evidence and critically evaluate claims about important social phenomena. It reviews the [...]
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Reasoning Across the Disciplines (Coursera)

Critical reasoning skills are a key success factor for students entering their first year of college. They must be able to think logically and form arguments. This course, designed with incoming college freshmen in mind but open to anyone, provides an essential grounding in critical reasoning skills. Faculty from [...]
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Managing Behaviour for Learning (FutureLearn)

Transform your classroom management by building trust and improving behaviour, with this CPD-certified course for teachers. Discover how behaviour management skills can help you and your students. By effectively managing behaviour in the classroom, your students will benefit and you’ll enjoy your teaching more. On this course, you’ll explore [...]
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