Digital Thread

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Digital Thread: Components (Coursera)

This course will help you recognize how the "digital thread" is the backbone of the digital manufacturing and design (DM&D) transformation, turning manufacturing processes from paper-based to digital-based. You will have a working understanding of the digital thread – the stream that starts at product concept and continues to [...]

Digital Thread: Implementation (Coursera)

There are opportunities throughout the design process of any product to make significant changes, and ultimately impact the future of manufacturing, by embracing the digital thread. In this course, you will dig into the transformation taking place in how products are designed and manufactured throughout the world. It is [...]

Future Technologies Series: Demystifying Digital Twin (CanopyLAB)

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Future Technologies Series: Demystifying Digital Twin (CanopyLAB)
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The digital twin has been touted as a top strategic technology trend. However, many are yet to embrace this game-changing innovation. So, join us to learn about this technology and its applications. Anything that generates power today will be connected to the Internet. The IoT has enhanced businesses, machines [...]