Data Science Methods for Quality Improvement Specialization

Data analysis skills are widely sought by employers, both nationally and internationally. This specialization is ideal for anyone interested in data analysis for improving quality and processes in business and industry. The skills taught in this specialization have been used extensively to improve business performance, quality, and reliability.
By completing this specialization, you will improve your ability to analyze data and interpret results as well as gain new skills, such as using RStudio and RMarkdown. Whether you are looking for a job in data analytics, operations, or just want to be able to do more with data, this specialization is a great way to get started in the field.
What You Will Learn:
- Manage, describe, and analyze data using applied statistics
- Apply continuous and/or discrete data methods for process analysis, improvement, and ongoing management in a business or workplace
- Analyze measurement systems to ensure their stability and capability
- Calculate descriptive statistics and create graphical representations using R software

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