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Getting Started with Google Sheets (Coursera)

Nov 29th 2021
Getting Started with Google Sheets (Coursera)
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Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based application that empowers you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. Whether you are working at your desk—or from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go—Google Sheets helps you organize, analyze, and share your most important data. In this course for Sheets users, you’ll learn how to make [...]
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Population Health: Responsible Data Analysis (Coursera)

In most areas of health, data is being used to make important decisions. As a health population manager, you will have the opportunity to use data to answer interesting questions. In this course, we will discuss data analysis from a responsible perspective, which will help you to extract [...]
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Visualization for Data Journalism (Coursera)

While telling stories with data has been part of the news practice since its earliest days, it is in the midst of a renaissance. Graphics desks which used to be deemed as “the art department,” a subfield outside the work of newsrooms, are becoming a core part of newsrooms’ [...]
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