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Introduction to Designing Data Lakes in AWS (Coursera)

Dec 5th 2022
Introduction to Designing Data Lakes in AWS (Coursera)
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In this class, Introduction to Designing Data Lakes in AWS, we will help you understand how to create and operate a data lake in a secure and scalable way, without previous knowledge of data science! Starting with the "WHY" you may want a data lake, we will look at [...]

Getting Started with Data Warehousing and BI Analytics (Coursera)

Data is one of an organization’s most valuable commodities. But how can organizations best use their data? And how does the organization determine which data is the most recent, accurate, and useful for business decision making at the highest level? After taking this course, you will be able to [...]

Introducción a los Data Lakes con Azure (Coursera)

En este proyecto de 1 hora, aprenderás a usar la tecnología de Azure Data Lake Gen2, entender la diferencia con los otros servicios, gestionar los sistemas de archivos y manejar el ciclo de vida de la información para facilitar la gestión automática y eliminación de los datos según regulaciones.