Critiquing Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurial skills are useful in all walks of life. Explore the wider potential of enterprise and entrepreneurship.
Challenge and analyse the concepts and practices of entrepreneurship
This program will help you to challenge the role and relevance of entrepreneurship and enterprise in a modern context.
You will explore what is meant by ‘the entrepreneurial mindset’ and understand the roles that different types of entrepreneurs play in society today.
Culture and context are key influencers on the ways in which entrepreneurship is enacted to generate economic and social value. You will explore how individual behaviours and attitudes towards entrepreneurship change with different experiences and values.

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Demystifying Entrepreneurship: How to Think like an Entrepreneur (FutureLearn)

Oct 26th 2020
Demystifying Entrepreneurship: How to Think like an Entrepreneur (FutureLearn)
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Challenge the stereotypes around entrepreneurship. Gain new problem-solving skills and an enterprising perspective. Learn to be more entrepreneurial by finding out how entrepreneurs think and work. While entrepreneurship is closely linked with the start-up process, risk and venture creation, this course will introduce you to the concept of entrepreneurialism. [...]
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