Conservation Laws

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Physics 101 - Energy and Momentum (Coursera)

This course serves as an introduction to the physics of energy and momentum. Upon completion, learners will have an understanding of how mathematical laws and conservation principles describe the motions and interactions of objects all around us. They will gain experience in solving physics problems with tools [...]
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Mécanique Lagrangienne (Coursera)

Le formalisme de Lagrange permet une résolution efficace de problèmes complexes de mécanique. Il permet aussi d'apporter un éclairage plus fondamental sur les lois de conservation (théorème de Noether). A titre d'illustration de la méthode de Lagrange, on traitera le problème très important des oscillateurs harmoniques couplés, exprimé [...]
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Mechanics, Part 1 (edX)

Learn the physics of how things move with this calculus-based course in mechanics. This course is an introduction to mechanics and follows a standard first-semester university physics course. You will learn fundamental mechanics concepts and mathematical problem solving required for all STEM [...]
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