Circuit Design

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Modeling and Control of Single-Phase Rectifiers and Inverters (Coursera)

This is Course #5 in the Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Specialization. The course is focused on modeling and control of grid-tied power electronics. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to understand, analyze, model, and design low-harmonic rectifiers and inverters interfacing dc loads or dc [...]

Current-Mode Control (Coursera)

This is Course #4 in the Modeling and Control of Power Electronics course sequence. The course is focused on current-mode control techniques, which are very frequently applied in practical realizations of switched-mode. Practical advantages of peak current mode control are discussed, including built-in overcurrent protection, simpler and more robust [...]

Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design (Coursera)

After taking this course, you will be able to: understand how to specify the proper thermal, flow, or rotary sensor for taking real-time process data; implement thermal sensors into an embedded system in both hardware and software; add the sensor and sensor interface into a microprocessor based development kit; [...]

Digital Systems: From Logic Gates to Processors (Coursera)

This course gives you a complete insight into the modern design of digital systems fundamentals from an eminently practical point of view. Unlike other more "classic" digital circuits courses, our interest focuses more on the system than on the electronics that support it. This approach will allow us to [...]

Electrones en Acción: Electrónica y Arduinos para tus propios Inventos (Coursera)

Este curso introduce al alumno a la electrónica y los Arduinos, comenzando desde lo más básico de un circuito eléctrico y finalizando con el diseño de circuitos de baja complejidad empleando dispositivos electrónicos programables. Durante el curso los alumnos aprenderán los fundamentos básicos de la electricidad y de la [...]

Electromagnetic Compatibility Essentials (edX)

Advance your career by learning the basics of EMC. Explore all the different aspects and challenges every electronics engineer must be aware of. This course is designed to gain essential know-how in today’s world of very high frequencies. For instance, smartphone CPUs already work with clock frequencies above 3 [...]