Cardiac Arrest

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Sport Safety: A Guide to Preventing Sudden Death in Sport (edX)

Learn how to make sports safer through evidence-based, practical approach. While the occurrence may be rare, catastrophic and fatal injuries from sports can have devastating impacts on those involved and community at large. These incidents can happen in athletes of all ages, from recreational to competitive settings. Stakeholders of [...]

Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation (Stepik)

This open course gives clear understanding of basic initial care in case of cardiac and respiratory arrest – cardiopulmonary resuscitation with automated external defibrillation (CPR with AED). The course is developed by emergency medicine specialists in accordance with current international guidelines, and targeted primarily at those interested who have [...]

First Aid for Adults (FutureLearn)

Learn first aid techniques to address seven common injuries in adults, including cardiac arrest, choking, bleeding and burns. This online course will introduce you to the key first aid actions you should take to effectively manage seven common causes of injury in adults: cardiac arrest, choking, bleeding, burns, strokes, [...]