Biological Evolution

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Charles Darwin: El origen del evolucionismo moderno (Coursera)

Este curso está dirigido a cualquier persona que desee conocer de manera general qué es y cómo se ha explicado la evolución de las especies. Será de gran interés para alumnos, profesores y profesionales del área de ciencias biológicas y de la salud que deseen conocer los antecedentes históricos, [...]

Protists: Evolution and Ecology of Microbial Eukaryotes (Coursera)

Life on Earth appears to be dominated by higher plants and animals. Yet an immense variety of microbial eukaryotes swarm in the foliage, grass, soil, bogs, ponds, streams, lakes, and oceans. These inconspicuous organisms are flagellates, algae, ciliates, sarcodines, slime molds, apicomplexans. This assemblage is generally termed the protists. [...]

Understanding and Teaching Evolution (FutureLearn)

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Understanding and Teaching Evolution (FutureLearn)
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Learn key concepts in biological evolution and find out how to integrate them into the classroom. Find out how to teach evolution to 7–16 year olds. How does evolution happen? Can we observe it in real time? How do new species come about and how long does this take? [...]