Basics in computer vision Specialization

This specialization is intended for a wide range of specialists who want to start getting acquainted with the direction of Computer Vision. In the frame of the specialization, students can organize their mathematical and programming skills necessary for the development of algorithms in the field of Computer vision, as well as learn how to use the OpenCV library for analyzing two-dimensional images. The OpenCV library is widely used by computer vision application developers, so students will be able to apply the skills acquired in this specialization in their real practical activities.

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Object-oriented programming (Coursera)

This course is primarily intended for students with basic programming knowledge who want to develop their C++ programming skills and learn about OOP in the context of C++. You will understand the advantages and features of OOP over procedural programming. In addition, you will become familiar with the standard [...]

Mathematics for computer vision (Coursera)

The course is devoted to the systematization of the mathematical background of the students necessary for the successful mastering of educational disciplines in the field of computer vision. The course includes sections of mathematical analysis, probability theory, linear algebra.

2D image processing (Coursera)

The course is devoted to the usage of computer vision libraries like OpenCV in 2d image processing. The course includes sections of image filtering and thresholding, edge/corner/interest point detection, local and global descriptors, video tracking.