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Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google Cloud Platform (Coursera)

Sep 20th 2021
Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google Cloud Platform (Coursera)
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Learn to deploy and run Microsoft Windows® applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through lectures and hands-on labs, learn how to configure and run Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server in Google Compute Engine. You will also learn how to develop and deploy ASP.NET applications and deploy them to [...]
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M220N: MongoDB for .NET Developers (MongoDB)

Learn the essentials of ASP.NET application development with MongoDB. This course will teach you how to use MongoDB as the database for an ASP.NET application. You will play the role of a back-end developer for an ASP.NET application, where your job is to implement the application's communication with MongoDB. [...]
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Build Web APIs using ASP.NET (edX)

Learn the skills needed to create RESTful services using Web API, REST, ASP.NET Core, and CORS. Want to learn how to serve data to your client applications using Web API? Perhaps you are considering creating applications for mobile devices but your data needs will exceed the storage capacity of [...]
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