Antimicrobial Antibiotics

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Bacterial Genomes: Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens (FutureLearn)

What's antimicrobial resistance and how can we detect it? Explore the clinical relevance of AMR and the methods used to detect it. Explore the challenges of AMR and learn how experts work to address them. AMR is a public health emergency. Global projections predict the loss of nearly 10 [...]

Responsible Use of Antibiotics (Doctrina)

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Responsible Use of Antibiotics (Doctrina)
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The 3-part e-learning module about responsible use of antibiotics gives you a complete overview about the topic. Despite the development of new antibiotics and vaccines, infectious diseases are still the third most common cause of morbidity, even in developed countries of Europe and North America. Antimicrobial antibiotics are used [...]