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What is Corruption: Anti-Corruption and Compliance (Coursera)

Have you ever paid someone for doing you a favor? You may be accustomed to tipping wait staff or other service providers, but what if you paid a police officer for NOT issuing a parking ticket? Or if you gave a “gift” to a government official for signing [...]

Anticorrupción: Introducción a conceptos y perspectiva práctica (Coursera)

La corrupción es uno de los principales problemas en México. Los eventos de corrupción afectan de manera directa la calidad de vida de las personas, su desarrollo, el crecimiento económico y social del país, así como la confianza en el gobierno. El objetivo del curso es presentar los conceptos [...]

Navigating Legal & Commercial Aspects of Sports (edX)

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Navigating Legal & Commercial Aspects of Sports (edX)
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Leading academics in their respective fields will introduce you to the dynamic world of sports law and related business principles. You will develop an overall understanding of the key legal and commercial aspects of sports. You will gain useful insights into their application based on actual scenarios involving athletes [...]

Financial Crime : Risk for Banks (edX)

Financial crime risk faced by Banks and adoption of mitigation measures for a proportionate response. The effort against financial crime in the private and public sectors faces growing challenges. The course offers to build competence against financial crime among learners.