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Chemerinsky on Constitutional Law - The Structure of Government (Coursera)

This course will highlight the construction and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution through the centuries. You'll learn the history behind the Constitution, cases that formed important precedent, and how changes in interpretation have been dependent on shifts in cultural and political climate as well as the composition of the [...]

American Government: Constitutional Foundations (edX)

Learn how early American politics informed the U.S. Constitution and why its promise of liberty and equality has yet to be fully realized. This course explores the origins of U.S. political culture, how that culture informed the Constitution, and how that framework continues to influence the country’s politics and [...]

Level 5 Diploma in Social Sciences (LIBS)

This Level 5 Diploma in Social Sciences is a tuition-free 120 credit programme. The programme is fast track, which can be completed online including the final exam. The self-paced mode allows participants to set their own learning schedule without any restrictions.

American Government (

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American Government (
Free Course
American Government belongs to the CLEP® PREP Program. In taking this version, you will master the subject of American Government and Politics. This course is also designed to prepare you to take the CLEP® exam in American Government. The CLEP® (College Level Examination Program) exams are designed by [...]