Venkat Viswanathan




Venkat Viswanathan's research focus is on understanding and developing novel electrochemical devices for energy storage and utilization. The research strategy is based on a theoretical treatment of interfacial processes at different length and time scales. Quantitative models are developed employing density functional theory calculations, non-equilibrium Green's function transport and continuum scale modeling as appropriate. The predictions of these models are compared to experiments and the feedback from experiments are fed back into the models enabling a synergistic tying of theory and experiment.

His graduate work involved understanding and identifying the fundamental limitations of lithium-air batteries and trends in electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction. His awards include Electrochemical Society Daniel Cubicciotti Award in 2010; Electrochemical Society Herbert H. Uhligh Summer Fellow in 2009.

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Jun 26th 2017

Modern engineering research focuses on designing new materials and processes at the molecular level. Statistical thermodynamics provides the formalism for understanding how molecular interactions lead to the observed collective behavior at the macroscale. This course will develop a molecular-level understanding of key thermodynamic quantities like heat, work, free energy and entropy. These concepts will be applied in understanding several important engineering and biological applications.

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