Sheri Nixdorf




Dr Nixdorf is a member of The Australian Society for Medical Research, Cancer Voices NSW and the Translational Cancer Research Network in order to share medical advances with the community and speed up the collaborative process of ‘bench to bedside’ treatments for cancer patients.

Research Interests:

Ovarian Cancer is called a 'silent killer' because of the non-specific symptoms and thus late detection of this disease. Therefore, identification of novel tumour markers for diagnosis and prognosis of Ovarian Cancer comprises the main focus of research efforts. Discovery of sensitive and specific biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer involves collaborations with hospitals and other research institutes, both locally and internationally. Glycan arrays are utilised to screen serum samples from Ovarian Cancer patients and isolate potential biomarkers of disease.

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Mar 6th 2017

Learn about personalised medicine and the impact that our enhanced understanding of genetics has on modern medicine and society. Personalised medicine. Precision medicine. Individualised medicine. Customised medicine. Targeted medicine. All buzzwords of recent years that excite, confuse and infuriate the public, researchers and healthcare professionals. Broadly speaking, these terms all refer to the idea of tailoring treatment to individual patients based on their genetic code.

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