Seyun Kim

Seyun Kim is an assistant professor of Dept. Biological Sciences at KAIST in Korea. He received his PhD degree in Biological Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His major research interest is to explore the biochemical and genetic mechanisms of how inositol phosphate metabolism is linked to control metabolic homeostasis as well as signaling events in mammals.

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Biochemical Principles of Energy Metabolism (Coursera)

Everyone knows that energy is essential for sustaining life. How can you define energy in life? Have ever thought about ways of how carbohydrates like glucose from your diet can be used for extracting energy? A scientific field that focuses on energy production and flow though living cells and [...]

Signaling actions of small molecules (Coursera)

Our life is fine-controlled by various molecules in cells. Different types of molecules include macromolecules (e.g., protein, nucleic acid) and small molecules. In addition to classical views of central dogma, emerging roles of small molecules called metaboites have been recently proposed to significantly impact biological events. Metabolites are contiuously [...]

Basic Principles of Cell Signaling (Coursera)

The coordination of life in multicellular organisms is precisely controlled by cells via various internal and external signals. Cells depend on different types of signals to regulate their growth, division, metabolism as well as death. Signals are growth factors or hormones produced and secreted by other cells. Some signals [...]