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Sara Swanson is the Assistant Director for Information Literacy at Davidson College. She is the Librarian on all DavidsonX course teams. A few of Sara’s responsibilities include: sourcing open educational resources, educating the team on copyright law, negotiating needed licenses, assisting faculty on research, answer questions regarding purchasing and licensing new content, and addressing preservation needs.

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Oct 12th 2015

Interactive Fiction. Chatterbots. Hypertext and kinetic poetry. Explore these avant garde forms and other new media in this exciting class.

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Apr 6th 2015

Explore applications of linear algebra in the field of data mining by learning fundamentals of search engines, clustering movies into genres and of computer graphics by posterizing an image.

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Feb 23rd 2015

Learn to use linear algebra in computer graphics by making images disappear in an animation or creating a mosaic or fractal and in data mining to measure similarities between movies, songs, or friends.

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Oct 6th 2014

We will explore how HIV/AIDS has been portrayed in diverse genres through the perspectives of the scientist and the literary critic.

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