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Sara Ray Stoelinga is the Senior Director at the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) and a Clinical Professor in the Committee on Education. Stoelinga co-leads the Institute, providing leadership across UEI’s four domains of work (applied research, a charter school serving 1700 children on the South Side of Chicago, urban teacher preparation, and the national dissemination of research-based, practice proven tools) and overseeing Institute operations. Stoelinga is an expert on teacher leadership, teacher effectiveness, and urban school reform history and policy. As a faculty member in the Committee on Education, Stoelinga advises undergraduate and graduate students, and teaches courses in the Urban Teacher Education Program, public policy, human development and continuing education. Stoelinga received a B.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Chicago.

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Jul 31st 2017

Urban school reform in the United States is characterized by contentious, politicized debate. This course explores a set of critical issues in the education and educational reform space, with a focus on aspects of the field that have sparked controversy and polarized views. We will dig into these debates, situating them within the larger history of public education and school reform, and considering the viewpoints, the evidence, and translation of issues into educational policy.

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Feb 23rd 2015

Debate the polarized issues of education reform with experts from the field, and learn about the history of American public schooling.

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